Album update

I didn’t realise it’s been so long since I did an update here! The album is taking a while to get finished, but it’s certainly well on it’s way. We’ve been hard at work getting the vocals written and they’re coming along quite nicely now but we’re just waiting to hit the next batch of inspiration. I’ve also been held up by three guitar solos that hadn’t been written, one of which is 2 minutes long. Thankfully I’m nearing the end of those, so with luck all the instrumentation will be recorded by the following weekend.

In other news, the first album “Transcend” has sold out. Thanks for everyone who has supported this project by purchasing a copy!


  1. An update! I’m dreaming! Heh, anyway, good to hear that the album is still underway. Inspiration is not something that can or must be forced. I’m still very eager to hear the new record, any rough idea of a release date yet? And are you still thinking about releasing Ascension as a physical CD? Transcend sold out, that’s pretty awesome (as in that it’s popular).

    Well, have a good one Dave, have fun finishing the record with the guys. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hey arjen. I would give an estimate of a release date, but it’d turn out to be a lie! Ascension I’ll probably get printed up at the same time as the new CD, unfortunately I go crazy if I try and think about too many things at once

  3. Haha, that’s okay. So, I can get both new CD’s at the same time! Nice. Take your time Dave, thanks for the reply!

  4. I was beginning to wonder what was happening in the WDD camp. Good to here things are coming along, can’t wait to hear the finished product, but at the same time don’t rush it.

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