Studio Time

We’ve got some time booked at Red Planet Studios starting April 7th, which will kick start the recording of the next album. Drums will be the first part to go down, and practices have been going extremely well of late so i’m confident we can put down some great takes. Bass, guitars and keys should follow shortly after from the comfort of my own studio, and vocals will go down last. There’s no reason we won’t have most of the recording done by half way through May. Exciting times!

In other news, Sepia Dreamer have recently released their second album “The Sublime”. They were nice enough (or should that be ‘careless enough’…) to ask me to add my own little touch to it and i was happy to oblige. There’s some seriously good passages in this album, be sure to check it out: Sepia Dreamer @ MySpace.

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  1. I’m psyched, sign me up for a copy! 😉 Can’t wait to hear it. Sepia stuff sounds great too. In a couple of weeks maybe a track from me will be done too, with help of a new bassist.


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