The World is a Mysterious Place

It’s funny how things work out, the world is full of little surprises and strange happenings…

So in yesterday’s news item i said the following: “Still looking for a new guitar Preamp, I’m dreaming of a CAE 3+SE, Egnater M4 or VHT GP-3 coming up for sale somewhere local (… won’t happen!)”. I wasn’t even saying it as a remotely realistic thing to happen, i doubt there’s many of these amps in all of Australia. But it turns out, i was wrong, it did happen! An Egnater M4 came up for sale just a few minutes away from where I work, and furthermore the first person i rang to tell the good news to took a guess at who local might possibly be selling something like that and was spot on. It’s got some great modules loaded into it as well, much better than some overseas alternatives i was looking into. Looks like i’ll have it very soon. Crazy.

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