Embers Released!

“Embers” is now available for streaming and purchase from Bandcamp. It should start appearing on other popular digital stores like iTunes and Google Music over the coming days/weeks. I will update as I get notification that it is available.

We would love to hear what you think.


Upcoming release

We’re just finalising mastering and artwork for the album. It’s been a long time coming, but you can now expect a release in August. It will be available to download through all the usual digital stores, including Bandcamp. If there is enough interest then a CD release will follow after that.

The album is called “Embers” and features 6 instrumental tracks:
1. Altitude
2. Aurora
3. We’re Coming Back for You (Part 1)
4. We’re Coming Back for You (Part 2)
5. Embers
6. Eternity

I will update again in the coming weeks as further release details are confirmed.

Progress Update

Work continues on the next release, with mixing scheduled with Trent Griggs at The Gate Studio for April/May. We’ve got most of the tracks done now, but still need to re-record quite a few guitars to get better sounds, and vocals have to be completed. There are only a handful of sections that need significantly more work than that, so those will be tackled in the coming weeks.

I’ll try and give further updates before another year is up this time. We of course greatly appreciate those out there continuing to support us, and a special thanks for those who purchase our music on bandcamp and pay above the minimum asking price!

2011 Release: March Progress Update

I just thought I’d give you all a quick update on our progress towards our follow-up to the 2010 self-titled album. We’re currently recording most of the instrumentation (guitars, bass, keys) for this release for the main songs. I’d say we’re about 60% of the way there. Unlike our previous album we’ve been making consistently good progress on this one, so we’re still on track for a release this year.

The Transcend and Self-Titled albums were both mixed by other people, but for this next release we’ll be doing the mixing ourselves. We’ve already been working on this at the same time as doing the recording, so we’re making great progress there too.

So far this is all turning out to be far superior to any of our previous work, both in process and end-result. It’s also different from anything we’ve done before too, though you’ll have to wait to see in what ways!

2011 EP: Drums complete

We recently completed three days worth of studio time at Red Planet Studios, where we recorded drums for our next release. From September 17 to 19th we recorded 5 new songs (roughly 30 minutes of music). For the previous self titled album drums were recorded in just 2 days for twice the amount of music, so it was far more relaxed this time around, and the results are all the better for it.

And so now it’s time to get started on writing and recording the rest of the music and vocals. So far this is still looking like it will be an EP, but with each passing month it appears to become more and more ambitious so it may yet end up being a full album.

CD Release Soon, New Website & New EP

We now have the physical CDs of “When Day Descends” in a nice digipak design and they’ve turned out great. These will be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks. And now that we have actual CDs we’ll be sending them around to get reviewed, so if anyone runs a review website (or knows of a good one for our style of music) then please let us know about it.

The response for this album has so far been very positive, so thanks to everyone who has given the album a listen!

We’ve also given the website and myspace designs a bit of a facelift to match the new album. In the process I streamlined and simplified the content, which should make it easier to find the info you need.

And lastly, we’re hard at work on the next release and will be going back into Red Planet Studios to record drums in mid-September. We were all very happy with the end result of the most recent album, but the process left a lot to be desired for (most notably the length of time it took to get it finished). So we’ve made the decision to switch over to quicker EP releases, and the entire creative process has been completely re-worked. So far the results are great and it’s all progressing at a far greater pace. I’m very excited about where it’s heading! We’re planning this release for sometime in 2011.

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