Album Details

As we approach the release of our new album I thought it was a good time to let you know some details. Up until now we’ve only had working titles, but I can now reveal the album will be self-titled, and the track listing is:
– New Bell
– A Fragile Disguise
– Where Trees Die Alone
– White Feathers
– Comrade

We went through the mixing and mastering process in the studio a few weeks ago and we were all very happy with the result and experience. We’ve since found a couple more changes to make this week, and so we’re just re-finalising the mix with mastering to be re-done next week. The studio experience was great and achieved exactly what we wanted it to. We now have a finished polished product (or will have, next week!) that has the extra sense of quality and completeness that I alone couldn’t achieve.

After that it should be a fairly short turnaround until it is available for purchase, I would anticipate a mid-June release. We will be self-releasing initially, and plan to have the album available for download through online stores such as iTunes. I will provide more details about purchasing the CD version later.

  1. I’ve been following you guys ever since I came upon your myspace page years ago.

    I’m chomping at the bit to hear this new album!

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