CD Release Soon, New Website & New EP

We now have the physical CDs of “When Day Descends” in a nice digipak design and they’ve turned out great. These will be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks. And now that we have actual CDs we’ll be sending them around to get reviewed, so if anyone runs a review website (or knows of a good one for our style of music) then please let us know about it.

The response for this album has so far been very positive, so thanks to everyone who has given the album a listen!

We’ve also given the website and myspace designs a bit of a facelift to match the new album. In the process I streamlined and simplified the content, which should make it easier to find the info you need.

And lastly, we’re hard at work on the next release and will be going back into Red Planet Studios to record drums in mid-September. We were all very happy with the end result of the most recent album, but the process left a lot to be desired for (most notably the length of time it took to get it finished). So we’ve made the decision to switch over to quicker EP releases, and the entire creative process has been completely re-worked. So far the results are great and it’s all progressing at a far greater pace. I’m very excited about where it’s heading! We’re planning this release for sometime in 2011.

  1. Sample tracks of the current album are up on this site and myspace.

    Won’t have any demos or samples of the new material to release until that’s much further along. Have to give people time to hear the current album first!

  2. Hey Dave, this is a bit late because apparently the new website broke the old RSS feed so I didn’t get any news for a while there! But have you sent a CD to The Silent Ballet?

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