General Update

I just added a small bit of information about Linton on the members bio page. I’ve not had much time to complete the recording of Ascension, but with a little christmas break on my hands now I should get time for the last 25%. A fair bit of new material is being written for When Day Descends at the moment too, revolving around two different albums. I guess these ones are for the next next next and next next next next albums respectively, but who’s really counting?

Anyone in Tasmania who can fill out any of the remaining positions in WDD should drop me a line through email ( or some other means. We will be beginning a more formal search very soon, but no harm in getting the word out here initially! We’re looking for a clean vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a keyboardist. Anyone who can fill more than one position at once will be very keenly sought, a keyboardist with a bit of occasional guitar skills, or a guitarist able to do the vocal duties… anything along those lines and we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we don’t have the luxury of living somewhere where we’ll get ten thousand offers, so don’t be scared!