General Update

It looks like it’s about time I gave another update here, though, truth be told, not a lot has been happening lately. Perhaps it’s better to look to the future, what plans do we have for 2007?

Well, Linton is soon getting the drums recorded for the next album. You can therefore expect the album to be completed mid-way through this year, though I’ll be trying my best to make it happen earlier than that. At around that time we should begin playing as a live band too, and we’ll make our first attempts at getting a record deal. There may be a name-change somewhere before all that as well, and a release of Ascension and a re-release of Transcend will no doubt occur, though it’s not high on my priorities. I’m also constantly recording new ideas for future albums, so no doubt they’ll be progressed as the year pushes on.

Something tells me that 2007 will be the year that makes or breaks this project.

PS. In a promising event, another local Tasmanian prog band were recently signed to Prog Rock Records, be sure to go check them out: The Third Ending. They’re a different form of prog (and they’re very good at it!), but nonetheless it’s encouraging to see a band in a similar situation to ourselves get some recognition.

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  1. I’m waiting in anticipation for all things to come, I guess this will be a big year for WDD indeed. Whatever happens, I’ll continue my support and buy your releases, I’m still loving WDD 😉

    Why a name change, don’t like it anymore? Or are the new bandmembers forcing you? Hehe.

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