New Album Available

Just a quick post to say I have confirmed the new album is now available on iTunes (in Australia at least, and I hope it is now available in all other iTunes stores). It should also start showing up in these alternate online stores shortly:
– Amazon MP3
– Spotify
– eMusic
– Shockhound

Our eternal gratitude goes out to anyone who purchases a copy!

As usual, let us know what you think by sending us an email, commenting on this news item or posting on our forum.

Release Date & Cover Art

After 7 years of hard work the new album should be available for purchase through iTunes as of the 30th of June, 2010. Other online stores will follow over the next couple of weeks. The first demo track was recorded back in December 2003, and it’s been a long journey since then. We hope that you like the end result of the whole experience, thanks in advance to everyone who supports us by purchasing a copy!

And here is the artwork:
When Day Descends - Album Cover

A full track from the upcoming album has been uploaded here: New Bell (320kbps, 26mb)

Transcend and Ascension are also available on iTunes and other online stores, see the previous news item for details.

I’ll post again when I can see the new album is actually available on iTunes. but if you keep searching it’ll show up eventually. Details about the CD release of this album will be made available over the next few weeks.

Please spam me with email and forum messages telling us if you’ve purchased a copy, and letting us know what you think! If you like the album then any help with promotion, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated!

Transcend & Ascension available on iTunes

The first and second WDD albums, Transcend and Ascension, have been re-released on iTunes and will shortly be available through other major online stores (Amazon MP3, Spotify, eMusic, etc). These are both digital releases only, I hope this please anyone who missed out on the original CD release of Transcend and hasn’t been able to hear it. Ascension is of course available for free from this website itself, but if somebody wants to pay for it then I won’t be stopping you!
Transcend on iTunes
Ascension on iTunes

I have again tidied up the spam from the forum, and have done a few updates to hopefully keep things in check this time. I am also posting all news items into the forum from now on, so you can comment about any news item either here or on the forum.

In case you missed it from the last news item, a full track from the upcoming album has been uploaded here: New Bell (320kbps, 26mb)

We’re very interested in hearing your thoughts on this and the first two re-released albums, so please send me an email, comment on the news item or post on the forum to let me know.

Details about the release of the new Self Titled album will be up shortly. If the stars align then it might be available on iTunes tomorrow!

Album Update & Sample Track

We received the updated mix of the album with the slight tweaks recently and everything turned out well, so the music part of the album is now officially completed! We are now in the final stages of preparing the artwork/layout.

Here are the track lengths:
– New Bell – 11:15
– A Fragile Disguise – 11:36
– Where Trees Die Alone – 12:08
– White Feathers – 10:05
– Comrade – 10:13

I hope you like long songs! This is one aspect that seems like it’ll definitely change for the next release, so enjoy the long journeys while they last.

I have also uploaded a full song from the new album: “New Bell” (320kbps, 26mb)

For those who have heard older demo versions, this is the song which had a working title of “Adaptive”, though it now has vocals of course.

Album Details

As we approach the release of our new album I thought it was a good time to let you know some details. Up until now we’ve only had working titles, but I can now reveal the album will be self-titled, and the track listing is:
– New Bell
– A Fragile Disguise
– Where Trees Die Alone
– White Feathers
– Comrade

We went through the mixing and mastering process in the studio a few weeks ago and we were all very happy with the result and experience. We’ve since found a couple more changes to make this week, and so we’re just re-finalising the mix with mastering to be re-done next week. The studio experience was great and achieved exactly what we wanted it to. We now have a finished polished product (or will have, next week!) that has the extra sense of quality and completeness that I alone couldn’t achieve.

After that it should be a fairly short turnaround until it is available for purchase, I would anticipate a mid-June release. We will be self-releasing initially, and plan to have the album available for download through online stores such as iTunes. I will provide more details about purchasing the CD version later.

Album Release

Just thought I’d post a quick update to prove we’re still around, and that this album we’ve been working on will actually see the light of day soon! We are going into a studio in late April to finalise the mix of this album, and that will be immediately followed up with mastering in early May. This will result in a far better result than I could hope to achieve by myself. Artwork is well under way and should be finished within a week or so. So this all means that I expect this album to be available in some form around mid-May.


Another few months, another update!

Vocal recording is finally nearing completion! Of the 5 main songs, we have vocals recorded for 3 and a half, with the extra half to be done over the next week. The remaining song should follow shortly after, as it has very minimal vocals. After that, I just have to finish mixing the vocals, send it off to be mastered, and we’ve already got someone working on artwork. And then, it’s done.

We’re also continuing work on the next next album. The new approach we have for writing seems to be working very well so far, I’m extremely excited about what we’re coming up with so far. We basically already have enough skeletons and initial ideas for songs to fill an album, so I’m tentatively aiming to start recording later this year.

Some progress…

We finally have vocals recorded for a whole song! We also have a good plan for getting vocals for 3 other tracks complete, as they all have vocals completely written so they only have to be recorded (well, ok, there’s one little bit where lyrics arent complete). That just leaves one annoying track which I don’t know what we’ll do with. Looking back through the demos that I have lying around, i can see that the first demo for this album was recorded back on December 27th, 2003… we’re taking a little too long with it aren’t we?

We’ve also officially started writing for the next album, which will be a slightly new direction again. I guess that hasn’t got much meaning when you haven’t even heard the previous album yet though. You may be pleased to hear we’ll be taking a completely different approach to recording this one to try and avoid all the problems that the current album has. The writing process itself will also be completely different now that there are multiple musicians contributing to the songs. I’m starting to get excited about it.

And annoyingly, i’d be working on the project right now but my studio computer decided that powering on was a little too much work.

(Oh, and I cleared out the forum of the year’s worth of spam too, and upgraded the forum software which seems to have fixed the problem for now)


Has it really been 10 months since I last wrote an update? Wow, that’s really poor! Time for an update on this new album.

The music side of things is now very close to finished, while the vocals are still a long way off. From the music perspective, i have a short list of small changes to make until the mix is finished. This now frees me up to really push the vocal side of things.

If it’s any consolation, this at least means i’ve reached the point where something will be released. If all else fails I could release what i’ve got as another instrumental album (though i’d never actually do this, it’s still a comforting thought and a good sign of progress).

So, it’s still a couple of months away, but it still is progressing!

Hope you are all well!



Hello again. Yep, the album is still progressing, though it may not seem like it.

Recently we re-amped all the guitars in a number of different ways which was actually a lot of fun. We used the SL, ERect and Dlx modules from my Egnater preamp, with each being recorded through an SM57 mic, an “Axe Trak” speaker box and the Palmer DI. Each guitar was originally recorded doubled as well, and some songs have up to 4 separate guitar parts at once, plus up to 2 lead guitars. So all in all that’s a lot of guitars to record, roughly 30 hours worth of actual recorded electric guitar just for the re-amping!

And vocals are still progressing: all the melodies are done, and about half the lyrics. It seems slow, but the result is well worth it.

So, it’s still a few months away. Working life tends to get in the way of these things a little too much. Anyone willing to pay me big money so i can stop working and focus purely on music? …. anyone? …? how about small money so that i can take a day off here and there? … no? ah well, you’ll have to wait then!

I hope you are all well, your continued support is appreciated

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