Hello all. The album is still progressing along nicely. There was a bit of a hold up while i wrote about 3 minutes worth of lead guitars in one particular song, took ages to get it perfect but i’m very happy with the end result. So now the mixing has begun, and we’ve got vocal melodies almost finished, just need to write some lyrics then we’ll put those down.

So, despite the lack of updates it is still progressing along in the right direction.

The initial mix is sounding pretty good to my ears too, I can’t wait for it to be heard.

Stay well!

Album update

I didn’t realise it’s been so long since I did an update here! The album is taking a while to get finished, but it’s certainly well on it’s way. We’ve been hard at work getting the vocals written and they’re coming along quite nicely now but we’re just waiting to hit the next batch of inspiration. I’ve also been held up by three guitar solos that hadn’t been written, one of which is 2 minutes long. Thankfully I’m nearing the end of those, so with luck all the instrumentation will be recorded by the following weekend.

In other news, the first album “Transcend” has sold out. Thanks for everyone who has supported this project by purchasing a copy!


Studio Diary

It must be about time I did an update. Here’s the quick run down: Linton has recorded his drums, I’ve recorded the bass, Liam is currently recording his guitars, Rae is set to record the Keyboards over the coming weekend. My guitars and Liam’s vocals will follow after that. All in all, decent progress.

The World is a Mysterious Place

It’s funny how things work out, the world is full of little surprises and strange happenings…

So in yesterday’s news item i said the following: “Still looking for a new guitar Preamp, I’m dreaming of a CAE 3+SE, Egnater M4 or VHT GP-3 coming up for sale somewhere local (… won’t happen!)”. I wasn’t even saying it as a remotely realistic thing to happen, i doubt there’s many of these amps in all of Australia. But it turns out, i was wrong, it did happen! An Egnater M4 came up for sale just a few minutes away from where I work, and furthermore the first person i rang to tell the good news to took a guess at who local might possibly be selling something like that and was spot on. It’s got some great modules loaded into it as well, much better than some overseas alternatives i was looking into. Looks like i’ll have it very soon. Crazy.

Studio Diary:

Howdy all, thought I’d update you on how the new album is coming along. Linton and I went into Red Planet Studios a couple of weekends ago to put down the drum tracks for the next album, which went very well. I’ve just started getting stuck into the editing and rough mixing and anticipate getting bass started sometime later next week.

I’ve also been obtaining all the required gear to get this album done well:
– Bare Knuckles VHII pickup
– Great River MP-1NV mic preamp
– FMR Really Nice Compressor
– Cables by Evidence Audio
– Probably other items I’ve forgotten about

Still looking for a new guitar Preamp, I’m dreaming of a CAE 3+SE, Egnater M4 or VHT GP-3 coming up for sale somewhere local (… won’t happen!). There’s always more gear to buy…

Studio Time

We’ve got some time booked at Red Planet Studios starting April 7th, which will kick start the recording of the next album. Drums will be the first part to go down, and practices have been going extremely well of late so i’m confident we can put down some great takes. Bass, guitars and keys should follow shortly after from the comfort of my own studio, and vocals will go down last. There’s no reason we won’t have most of the recording done by half way through May. Exciting times!

In other news, Sepia Dreamer have recently released their second album “The Sublime”. They were nice enough (or should that be ‘careless enough’…) to ask me to add my own little touch to it and i was happy to oblige. There’s some seriously good passages in this album, be sure to check it out: Sepia Dreamer @ MySpace.

WDD back to a 4-piece

Trent has had to part ways with WDD, leaving us without a bass player once again. He was simply unable to dedicate enough time towards it for a number of reasons, and felt it was the best thing to do for the band. We’re all still good friends so there’s no doubt he’ll keep on helping us out, which we welcome.

This shouldn’t cause any delay to the album recording, though we’ll of course need a replacement by the time we start gigging.

Incidentally, the album is ready to be recorded, so we’ll be heading into a studio to do some drum recording very soon.

General Update

It looks like it’s about time I gave another update here, though, truth be told, not a lot has been happening lately. Perhaps it’s better to look to the future, what plans do we have for 2007?

Well, Linton is soon getting the drums recorded for the next album. You can therefore expect the album to be completed mid-way through this year, though I’ll be trying my best to make it happen earlier than that. At around that time we should begin playing as a live band too, and we’ll make our first attempts at getting a record deal. There may be a name-change somewhere before all that as well, and a release of Ascension and a re-release of Transcend will no doubt occur, though it’s not high on my priorities. I’m also constantly recording new ideas for future albums, so no doubt they’ll be progressed as the year pushes on.

Something tells me that 2007 will be the year that makes or breaks this project.

PS. In a promising event, another local Tasmanian prog band were recently signed to Prog Rock Records, be sure to go check them out: The Third Ending. They’re a different form of prog (and they’re very good at it!), but nonetheless it’s encouraging to see a band in a similar situation to ourselves get some recognition.

When Day Descends line-up complete!

That’s right, with the addition of Rae Parkes on the Keyboards, When Day Descends is now a full band. It’s taken a long time to find the right people, but it’s all been worth it. There hasn’t been a chance to jam in the full line-up yet, but i’ve had jams with both Trent and Rae that have been very encouraging. Rae will also allows us the opportunity to use some female vocals throughout When Day Descends, a nice contrast to Liam’s vocal work. Rae will be adding some great classic sounds like hammonds, moogs and similar, which will replace the (sometimes dodgy/cheesy) synth choirs and other sounds which have appeared to date. All these things are maturing and completing the WDD sound!

So, we now expect we’re a few months away from being able to perform live. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the results are in sight, we just have to consider what the debut gig should be like. The next album is still being worked on too, we’ve started writing vocals and still need to settle on key sounds, but it won’t be long before we start recording it. And Ascension is still going to end up as a CD release, but I’m not rushing to get it out, I can only do 639 things at once.

(Also, don’t get too attached to the names of any demo songs floating around, as we write vocals they are being considered “Working titles” only. This includes the album name “Descendant” which is likely to be changed. )


Well, we’ve been playing around a bit with a few ideas and it looks like Liam will be the vocalist for When Day Descends. I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely set in stone at this stage, and there’s a fair chance other people may be involved for different vocal parts, but the stuff we’ve worked on so far has been going well. I can’t help but think that whatever vocalist we choose will go against the wishes of many out there, I’m sure you each have your own ideas about what kind of vocalist would suit our music. One major advantage of a vocalist already within the band is that we don’t have to worry about keeping them occupied throughout our songs, so we’re free to place vocals only where necessary.

The future is looking interesting anyway, with this role in place we’re free to finally begin some more complete demos for some kind of label hunt. And we’ve got a couple of possibilities for keys too, perhaps WDD is close to being a full band? Might we be playing live by the end of the year?

The reaction to Ascension has been quite pleasing too, thanks to everyone downloading it and letting me know your thoughts. It seems, despite my fears, that everyone has taken the album as I intended. CD release is still in the works, and perhaps I should do up another batch of Transcend since it’s nearly sold out.

Just a sec