Ascension Released!

The second album, “Ascension”, is now available for download in it’s entirety! The CD version will be released at some point, and will of course include artwork and maybe professional mastering and a better mix. In the meantime I have made the complete album available as a sign of thanks for all those supporting When Day Descends and spreading the word.

Download it here (69.7mb). It’s also here (34.8mb) if you want a smaller lower quality version, and here (900k) is a small sample if you want to hear whether the full album download is worth it or not.

I originally wrote the album for my own reasons, without an idea of whether I would ever release it (actually, some people suggest that’s the way you should approach every album). I was inspired by artists such as Dargaard and Raison D’etre, amongst many others, but found none of them quite played a certain role I was looking for at the time. I wanted an album that I could get lost in thought in, where I wasn’t drawn back to reality by the changing of songs. I wanted to be taken on an epic journey, without being distracted by too much detail or complexity, nor being held back by something too sparse. Mostly I needed something emotional and atmospheric to escape and relax to. The result is “Ascension”.

The album was written around 2 or 3 years ago now, at which point a demo version was made using programmed guitar. Only in the last year have I found the time, equipment and know-how to record and mix the album to an appropriate quality. Recording took place over the past year or so, with mixing happening near the end of that period.

The entire album is a solo-project, with only artwork (and perhaps mastering in future) involving other’s input. It is the last of the solo project albums and is a temporary departure in style. I think this is closest to orchestral film-score music, it’s definitely not metal or rock. There’s a single acoustic guitar which plays for the duration of the album, along with full orchestration. I would describe it more, but you may as well just download the album for yourself. It should not be confused with the album “Descendant” which will have “Adaptive” and “Discovery” on it and will be recorded near the end of this year and is a progression of the standard When Day Descends sound.

If you enjoy this album please be sure to let me know (email, forum, guestbook, myspace, comment this news item, etc) and spread the word to everyone you know. Make sure to link to the site and not just the mp3 so that people can read about it. And if you don’t enjoy this, then you can just keep waiting for “Descendant”!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this and download the track. Enjoy!

Ascension Release

Mixing and mastering of Ascension is almost complete! While the artwork is finalised and CDs being pressed (which could take a month or more) i’ve decided to release it online for download. It’ll be available within the next week or so, but i make no guarantee of the exact day.

New Bassist… Again

Trent Griggs has now joined When Day Descends on bass duties. Trent was the guitarist and leader of Unthroned, a now defunct band featuring Liam on bass and myself (Dave) on guitars. He’s also guitarist and mastermind of Throes, a band which will also involve Liam on bass and myself on guitars once it moves into the live realm. So as you can see, we’ve got quite a bit of experience together already, though our roles/instruments have changed around a bit for WDD.

We’ve been busy trying out other people as always, though currently we’re putting a lot of effort into experimenting with Liam on vocals. We’ve got a couple of options for keys that we’re considering too, so the full line-up is yet again within reach. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it still wasn’t settled for months yet!

Damn getting a project like this up and running is a lot of work.

Ascension Progress

Some of you may be interested to know that the album “Ascension” is nearing completion. All that re-recording that had to be done is complete, and mixing has progressed well. I’m just putting finishing touches on the mix during the next week or so. Artwork seems like it’ll be provided by none other than WDD’s professional hitter of things, Linton.

But what to do with it when it’s done?

Maybe hold some competitions and give some copies away? Perhaps free copies to anyone who recommends WDD to 5 people? Maybe reward all you Transcend purchasers with a copy for the price of the postage alone? Maybe make two copies and sell them for $5000 each? (any takers on that last one?)

Site changes

Something seems different around here. A new haircut perhaps? … no, that’s not it. Maybe that’s a new skirt? … nope, not that either. Hmm, well I can’t figure it out, but I’m sure Sam Dishington ( had something to do with it. So, thanks to him for his efforts, and apologies for my hacking around with it afterwards! Whatever it is…

Check out Sam’s band Separatist while you’re at it: Separatist @ MySpace

New Bassist

Finally some real news, Hamish Houston has joined the When Day Descends team on bass duties. Hamish plays in local band Maverick and has some quite tasty gear. We’re all very pleased to have him on board.

We’re still searching around for vocalists and keyboardists, though we have a couple of people in mind for both positions.

I’m still slowly working on the “Ascension” album, though I’m thinking it would be wrong to call it a WDD album anymore. It’s coming along well anyway.

So what’s happening in WDD land?

Many things are happening! But nothing really specific. Here’s a run down…

There are potential applicants for all remaining positions in the band, and i’m thinking there’s a fair chance these people will be the ones. Nothing is definite yet, just need to confirm they’re exactly what we want (and vice versa!). (Note: Anyone thinking of applying for the positions.. still do! Like I said, nothing is definite yet!)

Still learning songs. Recording of drums is still planned for a few months away, and the rest of the recording will follow in a spread out fashion after that. It may be wishful thinking but a release of this before the end of the year is still an aim for me (or at least being in the late mixing stages).

Damn, it seems I have to re-record this one from scratch. The intonation on my Nylon is way out on one string, sounds terrible. It’ll see the light of day eventually I’m sure…

I’ve been acquiring an awful lot of gear recently, and also relocating my studio. All in all things have improved a LOT in this area. My live rig is sounding great, and the studio setup is going to allow me to be a LOT more productive now.

Other Projects:
– Throes have a 4 track EP which i believe has been sent around to a few labels and such, when a website is set up with some samples i shall link it here.
– I’m currently writing and recording a solo to appear on the next Sepia Dreamer release, should be intersting.
– DIE are working on a song that i co-wrote. Even I don’t know how that one will turn out! I’m keen to hear how it’s been finished off, and i’ll try show at least a snippet of it here when it’s all done.

I believe that’s all. Maybe one day i’ll have something significant to write about, instead of just a glorified “we’re still progressing” post!

General Update

It must be about time I gave a bit of an update of what’s been happening in the WDD camp, so here goes!

We’re still looking for additional members, so far we’ve tried out a few people and havent found anyone appropriate. But we still have a number of options and hopefully more will be in contact too. Linton and Liam are both coming along very well, and both have had a chance to contribute some writing with great results!

As just mentioned, a new track has been completed for the next album Descendant. Writing for the album was already ‘completed’ previously, but a track was recently dropped (amongst other changes) and a replacement was brought it. The dropped track I may do a bit of tweaking to and then give out for free here in the coming weeks.

The Ascension album (the orchestrated nylon-string film-score album) is still being recorded. After a long delay I was finally able to get some recording done last weekend, and should be able to finish recording within a week. I imagine it’ll still be a while till I have anything to show for it, but time will tell.

I think that’s about it, nothing too exciting to report. Thanks to those continuing to purchase Transcend (I don’t have too many left really!), and in general from the continued support. I’m spending every spare moment doing something towards this project so every kind word does a world of good.

New Guitarist!

The When Day Descends lineup continues to fill-out, with Liam Constable providing his guitar skills. Liam was previously the bassist in the now defunct band Unthroned and is the current bassist in Throes. Since i was/am in both those bands i have plenty of experience working with him and it’ll be a pleasure to get him more involved in writing duties this time around.

There are still a number of positions to fill to complete WDD:
We’re ideally looking for a keyboardist with a bit of guitar and vocal talents. We’re also looking for a bassist with vocal skills too. If you’re anywhere in Tasmania and fill those roles then definitely get in touch!

Recording of the next When Day Descends album is aimed at mid-year with a release soon after. Live gigs should begin around the same time. No guarantee of those timeframes, but those are the aims!

Just a sec