General Update

I just added a small bit of information about Linton on the members bio page. I’ve not had much time to complete the recording of Ascension, but with a little christmas break on my hands now I should get time for the last 25%. A fair bit of new material is being written for When Day Descends at the moment too, revolving around two different albums. I guess these ones are for the next next next and next next next next albums respectively, but who’s really counting?

Anyone in Tasmania who can fill out any of the remaining positions in WDD should drop me a line through email ( or some other means. We will be beginning a more formal search very soon, but no harm in getting the word out here initially! We’re looking for a clean vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a keyboardist. Anyone who can fill more than one position at once will be very keenly sought, a keyboardist with a bit of occasional guitar skills, or a guitarist able to do the vocal duties… anything along those lines and we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we don’t have the luxury of living somewhere where we’ll get ten thousand offers, so don’t be scared!

New Drummer!

Time to announce some important news! When Day Descends has a new addition in the form of Linton Tuleja, who will be taking over the percussion duties. Linton is in local bands Zero Degrees Freedom and Ashlan, and it is a pleasure to have him on board. We’ve already had a quick rehearsal which went surprisingly well (despite some dodgy guitar sounds from me!). For the moment the focus is still on this being a recording project, but there is discussion of where we could take it after that.

Also, visitors to the forum will be aware I began recording the Ascension album a couple of weeks ago. It’s sitting at about 70% complete currently, but still could be a while till anything is finished. At least it’s started!

Drummer wanted!

I’m interested in working with a percussionist for the next album (“Descendant”). If you’re a drummer in Tasmania, or from somewhere in Australia where a collaboration is possible, get in touch! Don’t hesitate to drop an email to ask more details and see what would be involved.

Gondolin review

A new review is online at Gondolin. You can check it out here. Unfortunately it’s in Polish and the online translation was confusing to say the least. But the writer of the review informed me that if they gave scores the album would’ve received full marks (“5/5, 10/10, 100/100”)! Anyone who speaks polish, feel free to translate it and post it in the forum.

Site Update

The News section of the website is now running as a blog, which should mean you are able to post comments about news items here. It should also make it easier to update and keep track of news history.

UltimateMetal Review/Interview

First of all, thankyou to everyone who has purchased a copy so far! Feedback has been very positive, and thankfully I’ve not had a single report of any problems playing the CD. And as PayPal is being used, all payments have been without hassle as well.

Local people now have an alternate payment method, they can pick up a copy of the album from Aroma Records in North Hobart.

There are a number of reviews on the way which I will link here. I should hear of most reviews as I’m the one sending the CDs, but if anybody finds one not listed on the site do drop me a message in the forum.

The first review gives 8/10 and can be found at

An interview in their ‘Unsigned Spotlight’ can also be read here:

“Transcend” Purchase Details

A PayPal link has been added to the Discography page. I’ve now tested 100 copies of the album and have found around 60 that are fine. This is certainly not ideal, but at least there are enough to get some copies around. For those that do purchase a copy of the album I’m very grateful, thankyou! All comments in the guestbook, forum or by email will be greatly appreciated too!

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