Album Update & Sample Track

We received the updated mix of the album with the slight tweaks recently and everything turned out well, so the music part of the album is now officially completed! We are now in the final stages of preparing the artwork/layout.

Here are the track lengths:
– New Bell – 11:15
– A Fragile Disguise – 11:36
– Where Trees Die Alone – 12:08
– White Feathers – 10:05
– Comrade – 10:13

I hope you like long songs! This is one aspect that seems like it’ll definitely change for the next release, so enjoy the long journeys while they last.

I have also uploaded a full song from the new album: “New Bell” (320kbps, 26mb)

For those who have heard older demo versions, this is the song which had a working title of “Adaptive”, though it now has vocals of course.

  1. It will be available by digital download through places like iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc. I’ll post further details in the next day or two. I was initially expecting it would take another 2-3 weeks, but after some further reading it could be available digitally as soon as a few days away. Physical release may still take a few weeks or more.

    The first album Transcend will also be available for digital download through the same online stores.

  2. I never thought you could improve on the song Adaptive, I think that it was one of the best songs ever. It is on high rotation on my iPod, really thought it was amazing. Was a bit worried about the addition of lyrics, but it actually suits the song, and gives it some soul. Top work as ever, any word on when you might play some live shows? Look forward to hearing the whole album soon, when is the physical release?

  3. Thanks for the feedback adam!

    Live gigs aren’t in our short-term plans for now (we currently don’t even have a bassist). And the physical release is being pressed now, and will be about 2 weeks away.

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