Some progress…

We finally have vocals recorded for a whole song! We also have a good plan for getting vocals for 3 other tracks complete, as they all have vocals completely written so they only have to be recorded (well, ok, there’s one little bit where lyrics arent complete). That just leaves one annoying track which I don’t know what we’ll do with. Looking back through the demos that I have lying around, i can see that the first demo for this album was recorded back on December 27th, 2003… we’re taking a little too long with it aren’t we?

We’ve also officially started writing for the next album, which will be a slightly new direction again. I guess that hasn’t got much meaning when you haven’t even heard the previous album yet though. You may be pleased to hear we’ll be taking a completely different approach to recording this one to try and avoid all the problems that the current album has. The writing process itself will also be completely different now that there are multiple musicians contributing to the songs. I’m starting to get excited about it.

And annoyingly, i’d be working on the project right now but my studio computer decided that powering on was a little too much work.

(Oh, and I cleared out the forum of the year’s worth of spam too, and upgraded the forum software which seems to have fixed the problem for now)


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