Transcend & Ascension available on iTunes

The first and second WDD albums, Transcend and Ascension, have been re-released on iTunes and will shortly be available through other major online stores (Amazon MP3, Spotify, eMusic, etc). These are both digital releases only, I hope this please anyone who missed out on the original CD release of Transcend and hasn’t been able to hear it. Ascension is of course available for free from this website itself, but if somebody wants to pay for it then I won’t be stopping you!
Transcend on iTunes
Ascension on iTunes

I have again tidied up the spam from the forum, and have done a few updates to hopefully keep things in check this time. I am also posting all news items into the forum from now on, so you can comment about any news item either here or on the forum.

In case you missed it from the last news item, a full track from the upcoming album has been uploaded here: New Bell (320kbps, 26mb)

We’re very interested in hearing your thoughts on this and the first two re-released albums, so please send me an email, comment on the news item or post on the forum to let me know.

Details about the release of the new Self Titled album will be up shortly. If the stars align then it might be available on iTunes tomorrow!