“Transcend” Release Update

As the previous entry may have suggested, I was highly disappointed to find that some of this new batch of CDs have errors too. However, upon further investigation there are at least some (hopefully most) which are fine. I’m unfortunately having to run through an error check process for each CD which will prove quite time consuming. So far I have managed to get through 10 in the last half hour, and of those all were fine.

I will refrain from putting any purchase links up just for the moment, until I’m more certain of the number of CDs which are error free. But if you were to walk up to my house I would sell you a copy, which I think is enough to call the album offically released! Expect purchase information within the next day if all goes well.

The album will be available through PayPal for $AU20 (incl. postage) to everywhere. That’s about $15 US or 12 Euro.

If there happens to be a very limited number of CDs available and you’d like to guarantee a copy, then send an email to:

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