Hello again. Yep, the album is still progressing, though it may not seem like it.

Recently we re-amped all the guitars in a number of different ways which was actually a lot of fun. We used the SL, ERect and Dlx modules from my Egnater preamp, with each being recorded through an SM57 mic, an “Axe Trak” speaker box and the Palmer DI. Each guitar was originally recorded doubled as well, and some songs have up to 4 separate guitar parts at once, plus up to 2 lead guitars. So all in all that’s a lot of guitars to record, roughly 30 hours worth of actual recorded electric guitar just for the re-amping!

And vocals are still progressing: all the melodies are done, and about half the lyrics. It seems slow, but the result is well worth it.

So, it’s still a few months away. Working life tends to get in the way of these things a little too much. Anyone willing to pay me big money so i can stop working and focus purely on music? …. anyone? …? how about small money so that i can take a day off here and there? … no? ah well, you’ll have to wait then!

I hope you are all well, your continued support is appreciated

  1. I’d be more than willing to donate money – I’ve done it for other small bands I like – but as a college student I can only donate a very small sum, around maybe twenty dollars, and unless you only have to worry about food, that’s not going to let you take much time off.

  2. Just promote the album enough and start touring, you may become a filthy rich rockstar someday! Anyway, good to hear WDD is still alive. I’m still very eager to hear the new record! Good luck with finishing up the album.


  3. Hey Dave, looking forward to hearing your new stuff! Hopefully you won’t go psychotic from all the reamping, shit like that can really mess with your mind…
    Anyways, best of luck with finishing the album and hopefully i’ll get to hear it soon.


  4. Hey Jonas, you’re right, reamping is definitely messing with my mind. Too much choice, and unfortunately i’m not really happy with any of the options yet. If i can just find some time off work then i’ll be doing one last batch of reamping.

  5. Hey there.

    Any news about the new album? It’s been a long time since you posted an update about your marvellous project. I’m eagerly awaiting the follow-up of “Transcend”!


  6. Hey Fabian,

    It’s still in progress, sorry about the lack of updates. The re-amping i mentioned above is all complete, vocals are still going down, and the mix is on the home stretch, but realistically it’s probably still a while away. I may be able to give a preview shortly though.

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