Another few months, another update!

Vocal recording is finally nearing completion! Of the 5 main songs, we have vocals recorded for 3 and a half, with the extra half to be done over the next week. The remaining song should follow shortly after, as it has very minimal vocals. After that, I just have to finish mixing the vocals, send it off to be mastered, and we’ve already got someone working on artwork. And then, it’s done.

We’re also continuing work on the next next album. The new approach we have for writing seems to be working very well so far, I’m extremely excited about what we’re coming up with so far. We basically already have enough skeletons and initial ideas for songs to fill an album, so I’m tentatively aiming to start recording later this year.

  1. Where abouts do you live, Dave. I’m hoping you still live somewhere in Tasmania. I’d rather like to come over to your place or meet up somewhere, and buy Transcend off you as it’s unavailable anywhere anymore, and i’m having trouble download it (sorry about trying.)

    Also i can’t wait for (III) to come out, and nice to know you’ve started (IV) :)

  2. Wow. Used to listen to your stuff almost obsessively a few years ago, but some how you just seemed to fall off the map… in a fleeting thought I wondered if you were still working on this band, and I’m so happy to see you are. Please contact me when the album is complete and available and I’ll make a mammoth order to get all your stuff!

    Don’t know if your search for a record lable ever came into fuition, but why not try germany based Prophecy Productions? You have a similar aesthetic to artists on the roster, and are definitely better than most, which is no easy feat considering the calibre of the bands (Negura Bunget, Dark Suns, Tenhi, Elend, Nucleus Torn, Dornenreich, Anti-matter etc).

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