Well, we’ve been playing around a bit with a few ideas and it looks like Liam will be the vocalist for When Day Descends. I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely set in stone at this stage, and there’s a fair chance other people may be involved for different vocal parts, but the stuff we’ve worked on so far has been going well. I can’t help but think that whatever vocalist we choose will go against the wishes of many out there, I’m sure you each have your own ideas about what kind of vocalist would suit our music. One major advantage of a vocalist already within the band is that we don’t have to worry about keeping them occupied throughout our songs, so we’re free to place vocals only where necessary.

The future is looking interesting anyway, with this role in place we’re free to finally begin some more complete demos for some kind of label hunt. And we’ve got a couple of possibilities for keys too, perhaps WDD is close to being a full band? Might we be playing live by the end of the year?

The reaction to Ascension has been quite pleasing too, thanks to everyone downloading it and letting me know your thoughts. It seems, despite my fears, that everyone has taken the album as I intended. CD release is still in the works, and perhaps I should do up another batch of Transcend since it’s nearly sold out.


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