Self Titled 2010

When Day Descends


1. New Bell – 11:15 – [Download Full Track]
2. A Fragile Disguise – 11:36 – [Download Full Track]
3. Where Trees Die Alone – 12:08
4. White Feathers – 10:05
5. Comrade – 10:13

This album is back to the progressive rock/metal of the first album, yet the result is quite different. This one leans more towards electric guitars than the acoustic guitars of the debut album. This album also sees the major addition of vocals by Liam Constable and drums by Linton Tuleja. This is a more flowing and gradually changing album, taking influences from post rock and progressive rock/metal bands. The music builds and drops between the subtle and the heavy.

This album was released on the 30th of June 2010.

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